CBPredator Review and Discount

Well, this software is called CB Predator right?

And it works with Clickbank, helping you put together sites that make quick and easy autopilot income through Clickbank affiliate programs.


I mean, who doesn’t want a high profit affiliate site put together inside 15 minutes?

But get this – it will also work with any other affiliate program…

… and that means private affiliate schemes, Paydotcom, Commission Junction, whatever. Heck, you could even hook these things up to some hot converting CPA offers and make a fast fortune.

And don’t worry, that doesn’t mean there isn’t enough Clickbank cash to go around either.

This software has been specifically designed so that everybody gets a share.

You won’t be churning out cookie-cutter dupe content sites or anything like that.

I’ve made it so that it’s super easy to make every site unique – I mean, it takes seconds.

And with every user creating unique sites, there won’t be any competition.

The market is way too big for that.

It’s probably hard to believe that right now, but as soon as you see this thing in action, you’re going to get one heck of a lightbulb moment. I guarantee it.

Imagine for a second being able to go into any niche – and I mean ANYTHING… physical products, information products, services, anything at all…

… and quickly and easily start raking in commissions.

It sounds great I know, but that’s literally how simple it is.

Here’s what will happen-

You’ll use a few different places to find affiliate offers that convert well – could be Clickbank, Paydotcom, whatever (don’t worry, I’ll show you how to find a whole bunch of these places)

And then you use this amazing software to build sites around those offers.

Which takes about 15 minutes. Sure it can take longer if you want to spend more time on it, but you can whip up a high quality fully functioning site in just 15 minutes.

But it doesn’t end there.

Let’s say you want to go into the mountain biking niche. So you run over to Google, perform a couple searches, and pretty soon you’ve got a list of dozens of independent mountain biking affiliate programs.

From there, all you need to do is plug your new affiliate links into CB Predator, and bingo – instant high profit, autopilot affiliate site with no further work…

… and because of the way the sites are built, you can get traffic immediately, with no further work.

Are you starting to see the power of this thing now?

You could literally be earning commissions like this, completely automatically, just 15 minutes from now… and the whole thing is ready in just 18 clicks…

You get:

- Complete access to our exclusive custom built Predator Software…

This is a completely proprietary system- you won’t find it used or licensed anywhere else…

Quickly and easily create unlimited affiliate/money sites with a few simple mouse clicks. Making money online has NEVER been as easy and straightforward as this.

Target any keywords you want, any products you want, and the Predator software will spit out a read-to-go site in just a couple of minutes. All you need to do is add content.

- 3 super high quality, pro-level product blogs delivered to you EVERY month…

I’ve worked with some of the biggest product vendors in the world to get early, advanced warning about their launches. So each blog will be packed with hot custom written content, and completely ready to grab you the easiest affiliate sales you’ll ever have.

Even better, each blog is highly SEO’d, so you can expect to be riding high in the search engines come launch day, sucking in masses of traffic looking to buy exactly what’s on your blog.

And don’t worry, this isn’t the usual crappy site full of badly spun content. We’re using human generated content, fresh from our team of writers, so you can rest assured your blogs are 100% original every time…

- Automatically Updating Content…

We all know that blogs are great but maintaining them is a hassle… that’s why we’ve made these blogs completely hands off.

Every blog you make will automatically update itself with unique, custom written content. You don’t need to waste time writing, because it’s all done for you.

- Automatic Traffic…

Our software uses a very highly specialized search engine optimization system…

… and what that means in plain English is that your sites will automatically rank well for hot keywords. And that in turn brings you free, targeted traffic. Let’s face it, once you’ve got unlimited free traffic in an online business, you’re set.

- Killer plugins…

We’ve developed our system to use 5 of the hottest, most top secret plugins around. I can’t reveal them here, but rest assured, they’ll be working 24/7 to bring you more traffic, better search engine rankings, and more money…

… and yet again, they’ll be doing it with zero input from you.

You see, the whole point here is to have a hands-off moneymaking system. Something you barely even have to touch.

Plus a huge discount with a 60 day money back guarantee.

Earn Five Figure Commissions In Just 18 Clicks Of Your Mouse.

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