You Can Make Big Money Writing Little Books & Ebooks Review




If you’ve ever dreamed of creating your own ebooks to sell online, it just got a whole lot easier.

Finally, someone has made the entire process as simple as 1-2-3.

Whatever your topic, if you want a copy-and-profit plan to follow–it’s now available. And this guy must be crazy because he’s practically giving this thing away.

*Mike McMillan’s Big Money Writing Little Books is really several huge products in one, all designed to help you create and sell nonfiction books and ebooks.

*The big manual is nearly 400 pages and covers little known techniques to sell massive quantities of both print-and-ink books and ebooks.

*The accompanying 130 page Big Money Writing Little eBooks module covers every aspect of creating and marketing ebooks online.

* His LSI (latent semantic indexing) bonus module reveals Mike’s most powerful secrets for achieving top Google rankings for his pages.

*Included in the BMLB program is an excellent section on Mike’s reverse engineering process he uses to guarantee the success of every book and ebook he writes.

*The one single biggest factor to success in selling your own ebook is how you craft your product launch. Simply putting your ebook for sale on Clickbank or a similar platform won’t get you many sales. Mike’s Product Launch Inferno will give you an exact blueprint for creating a massive product launch just like the gurus use. Learn how to recruit powerful JV partners to mail for you on launch day.

*You need to listen to every word Mike gives you. He’s written over 70 books and ebooks. He’s done over 100 radio and TV author interviews on programs such as ABC’s World News in Manhattan.

* Mike has an online course offered by over 1,400 colleges and community colleges–and he shows you how to do all of this yourself. (You don’t need a degree or even a college education to get an online course up and running through colleges just like Mike has done.) People pay $99 a whack to enroll in his course.

*Mike’s program doesn’t focus on making you work harder–it focuses on letting you work smarter–to create a book-selling cash cow that runs 24/7 on auto-pilot for you.

*You also learn how to set your sales pages up on free blogging platforms, how to optimize those blogs, and how to get them indexed in hours (or a couple days in the worst case).

*Mike’s Article Marketing Inferno shows you what is probably the fastest, no-cost way to generate traffic to your sales pages: Article Marketing. And you’ll learn how to optimize you article for maximum views and exposure.

*Whether you are interested in writing print-and-ink books or ebooks, Mike reveals the fastest, no-cost ways to get your book in the marketplace.

*The Product Launch Inferno bonus ebook shows you how to orchestrate your own product launches and get the big super-affiliates to promote for you with emails on launch day.

*For those of you interested in developing print-and-ink type books Mike explains why bookstores are actually one of the very worst places to sell those books. It’s true.

*Learn the secrets of getting huge catalog companies to promote your print-and-ink type books to hundreds-of-thousands of people on their mailing lists–and it costs you nothing if you follow Mike’s blueprint.

*Bonuses include Product Launch Inferno, Writer’s Guide For Internet Marketers,(2) LSI Modules, Article Marketing War Machine, and The Click To Order Code.

You Can Make Big Money
Writing Little Books & eBooks

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