Video Marketing Devastation

In 2006 Google purchased video sharing website YouTube for a massive $1.65 billion.  The site was less than two years old, and yet Google purchased it at a price far below its real value.

You see Google had all the market research it required to make an informed investment decision.  Every day 200 million searches are performed on Google’s search engine.
They were in a unique position to examine all relevant data and determine the growing trends in favor of online streaming videos.

They knew the world was on the verge of a mass video sharing epidemic and their purchase of YouTube spawned an entire eco-system of hundreds of video sharing websites containing millions of videos on every imaginable topic.

Savvy insiders began to take a closer look at video sharing websites and eventually cracked the code for reaping unbelievable rewards of effortless profit windfalls created by surges of quality traffic.

A 2005 Marketing Sherpa study revealed that 85% of searchers ignore paid listings. Can you believe that?
You are paying Google for Adwords that are only effective for 15% of your potential target market.

Google knows that, elite internet marketers know that but the average marketer is completely in the dark spending most of their marketing time focused on Google Adwords and are missing out on 85% of their target market as a result.

Google is a public limited company.  Their profits are under threat as a condition known as ‘banner blindness’ become more prolific.
The great Google conspiracy is that they need to keep their shareholders happy so despite ‘banner blindness’ they have artificially increased profits by increasing the cost per click.
Double Click reported between the first quarters of 2005 and 2006 click costs were up 37%.

This revenue model is unsustainable for Google so they desperately resorted to such unethical practices as reading your personal emails and serving you contextual ads based on keywords discovered in the body of your email.

As an Adwords Marketer your problems are further compounded when you consider an eMarketer report which discovered that 60% of customers distrust paid search ads over organic search results.   
Imagine 60% of people who even take notice of your Google Adwords distrust the integrity of your business for having to buy your position on Google.
Instead they prefer to purchase from businesses that are listed in the organic search results i.e. companies who have not paid a cent to get on page 1 of Google.
Can you afford to ignore 85% of your target market?  Can you afford to have 60% of online surfer distrusting your business?  I think the answer on both account is an emphatic NO.

It’s clear from the aforementioned facts that you need to focus your attention on dominating organic search engine results.

There are numerous strategies you can use that will produce excellent results.  These include; Article Marketing, Social Media Marketing, Photo Marketing, Blogging and Search Engine Optimization.

However, the most powerful form of organic search engine placement that I have ever discovered is Video Marketing.  

How about some proof. Take a look at a fraction of the undeniable evidence supporting why video is a trend worth your attention.

 According to comScore Video Metrix “US internet users viewed 12.7 billion online videos during November 2008, up more than one third over November 2007.”
 eMarketer also puts online video viewers at more than three-quarters of US Internet users, and estimates that percentage will rise to 88% by 2012.

Annihilate your competition with Video Marketing Devastation.



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