Kooday Review

Kooday is a new search engine that is about to launch and they are taking an entirely new direction from all the others.
Kooday is a marketers dream come true. With Google you buy advertising and continue to pay for as long as you use their keywords. Kooday sells you the keywords, some for as little as 10 cents. You use them, you sell them and because you own them you keep all the profits. Each keyword sale nets you 15% interest which is much better than any bank will do. If anyone else wants to link to a keyword that you own you make a commission. Anywhere from a penny to $15 depending on the value of the word. You can raise the value of any keyword by repeatedly buying it from yourself. Each purchase not only makes the word more valuable but also increases your profit-share-credits.

Each week Kooday puts aside a percentage of their profits which they distribute among their active members. The amount you receive is dictated by the number of profit-share-credits you hold. This will run into residual income. The more keywords you buy and sell the higher your profit-share-credits will become. Now there are no guarantees with this. If Kooday does not make a profit there is nothing to share but they have paid out in the last two weeks. Some weeks may be disappointing and some weeks will astound you. There’s no way to predict.

There are 3 levels of profit-share-credits. Once you have your total up to 50,000 profit-share-credits you receive a gold-credits and are paid a higher percentage. You will receive money from both the profit-share-credit pool and the gold-credit pool. If you ever get to the point where you have accumulated 5,000 gold-credits you will start collecting Kooday diamond. This is the highest profit share level. Once you have accomplished this your profit-share-credits are removed and put back into the pool for other members to collect.

Kooday also plans to have bonuses for popular keywords but they have not as yet implemented this.

Referring others to Kooday is another source of income. You receive 10% of your referrals purchases and 30% on their website links.

This doesn’t even touch on the amount of money you actually make from your ads running on Kooday.

I’ve tried Google Adsense and lost money. I’ve tried PPV and I’m not doing that again….EVER.

Within 48 hours of joining Kooday I’d tripled my investment, so I have to say that I really like this program. It shows amazing potential and I can’t wait to see where all this is going to go.

Does Kooday really think they can take on Google, Yahoo and Bing and win? No and they are not trying to. Their goal is to capture 3% share of the market. And even at 3% they are looking at billions in profit which unlike the others they are willing to share with the folks that help them get there.


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