BlogFlipz Review..Flipping Blogs For Full Time Profit

I’ve just watched a genuine under the radar blog flipper as he showed me from start to finish, with nothing left out how he creates, automates, monetizes and FLIPS Wordpress Blogs AND EARNS THOUSANDS OF DOLLARS WHILE SITTING AT HIS DESK IN HIS COMFY HOME OFFICE.

He’s showed me how he does this in the same day if he wants fast cash, or how he automates the whole thing and lets his blogs ’sit’ for a few days or weeks while they increase in value.Then he flips them.

1. Anyone can do this but most people simply don’t know where to look for the FREE tools and sites that successful blogflippers use, and simply don’t know how to get started.

2. It’s a REAL, GENUINE HOME BUSINESS. The kind of thing that you probably don’t believe actually exists.You can start flipping blogs for next to nothing, and even better, start seeing results in around a week.

I don’t know your position – whether you have just a passing interest in making money from home, or you’re at the end of the line and you need to generate some cash from home…Either way, what you’re getting here is a genuine home based business……where you control the amount of money you make.

You want to earn more?Just flip some more blogs!

This is a full-step by step course consisting of 10 revealing videos and accompanying reports that allow you to look over Tony Newton’s shoulder as he researches, builds, automates and flips a blog (yep we’re talking cash) right before your eyes.

Here are just a few things included in the BLOGFLIPZ course:

The ‘QuickFlipz’ Method – How to create and flip a blog the same day for up to $100The Blogflipz automation technique -

Put content building for your blogs on TOTAL AUTOPILOT and let them sit for a few days or weeks while you watch their flippable value increase!

The step – by – step, fast track research methods that will put you head and shoulders above any competition

Where exactly to sell your blogs for the best priceWhere to get the essential plugins that mean the difference between no sale and people jumping all over each other to buy blogs from you!

Tony’s most saleable themes – You’re getting FIVE YEARS of research here!

The THREE different types of blog that sell without question – what they are, how to create them and who to target them at

The ‘autoblogging miracle’ and why it’s essential that you understand the power of this technique

The free and inexpensive software that will completely remove the need for PLR content, ghostwriters or time spent on content creation.

How to get the most money possible from your blogs, from the least amount of work

The ‘big blog – big return’ secret that most flippers just aren’t aware of and here’s some MORE stuff that’s included in your BLOGFLIPZ course…

With BlogFlipz Tony will show you INSIDE his blog flipping business, with real examples, real listings, real techniques and REAL SALES that you can see for yourself.

Seriously THINK about this opportunity. This isn’t some vague theory – we’re talking about a step by step, over the shoulder, nothing held back 10 video course from a man who’s spent the past five years making money from the comfort of his own home, flipping blogs.

You’re simply NOT going to get this level of insider information for $37 anywhere else.

how to create, automate, monetize and FLIP Wordpress Blogs



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Forex Dynasty Review, Bonus and Discount

What if…

You could sneak into a top Forex brokerage like Goldman Sachs, creep into the Forex trading room and steal the access codes to remotely log-in to their automated Forex trading supercomputer?

Now, imagine logging into the brokerages computer from your desk at home.

On your screen you watch in astonishment while their Forex robot –

Trades multiple currencies quicker than your current robot can trade a single pair.

Almost magically invest in currency pairs at the beginning of their trending phase.

Pull out profitable pips in pairs that others believe have stagnated.

And best of all, the robot lets your profit gains run while keeping a close watch on your risk.

Now you understand, for the first time, while the big brokerages are making billions of dollars every quarter – even while the world is crippled by a severe recession.

It occurs to you that some people work the Forex Market by a different set of rules.

Guess what?

This ultra-powerful, ultra-advanced, and astonishingly sophisticated Forex Robot exists.

It’s called Forex Dynasty and it recently has been made available to the public for the first time.

A special combination of strategies showing great profits with low risk.

Forex Dynasty automated profit pulling package

 is a superb expert advisor which not only brings

you a highly profitable forex trading strategy, that makes money


It shows you the principle that ensures maximum

profits are achieved.

Forex Dynasty doesn’t just focuses on strategy for finding

good trades to make huge pips, we also learn how to manage these

trades to ensure maximum profits and also go through key trading

techniques about how to manage the trades that are going in loss.

Learning these important concepts will take your trading expertise

to a whole new level. These fundamentals will make you think of

forex trading as a business and not just some time-pass hobby.

This software contains an amazing trading strategy that is extremely

reliable and very effective. And it doesn’t require more than

15 min each day.

Profitable trading without any hassles or emotional issues.

Eliminates destructive emotions of greed and fear.

Watches the markets for you 24 hours each and every day.

100% automatic hands-free trading.

Easy to use: quickly install and trade.

One Time Payment – Updates included – No monthly fee.

Built in unique and sophisticated Money Management.

Works on any account type, standard and mini accounts.

Great Money AND Automatic – How do You Like THAT!!?

Please understand what I’m saying here.

Even with an easy system, normally you’d need to spend time deciding:

Which market is about to make a move.

Which direction it’s going to move in.

Which secret indicator predicts that market.

How long to watch the indicator for.

When to make your move on the main market.

The Forex dynasty handles ALL of this for you and more – automatically.

Now here is a good news for you – James is currently offering an

initial discount on this course but this will only last for a few days.

After which Forex Dynasty will be sold for the full price.

But in order for you to really succeed in Forex Trading, you will have to abandon all the lies you’ve been fed about trading: systems, robots, signal services and losing trades.

 Currency Traders Are Going Far Down Into Unknown Forex Waters Where Ordinary Traders Are Been Crushed.

Follow What Works in the ‘NEW ECONOMY’or you will fail.

In order to survive in the new economy, the forex  trader must evolve or get left behind.

Download your free forex strategy worth $895


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Fit Yummy Mummy Offers Hope to Moms of all Ages

Being a mom is hard work. You spend your days caring for kids, a house and your spouse. When do you have time to care for you? Most moms see the results of neglecting their own bodies whenever they look in the mirror. Where is that 21-year old that used to fit into single digit sizes? The good news is that you can be a great mom with a leaner, sexier body. The results are apparent with the Fit Yummy Mummy system.

Click Here To Download Your Free Baby Fat No More Report

Imagine what it would be like to head off to your son’s soccer game in your favorite pair of skinny jeans. Just think of how good it would feel to flaunt your little red dress on your next night out with your husband. There is no law that says weight loss has to come at the sacrifice of your family. Fit Yummy Mummy gets serious results in just a few minutes a day.

You heard right, just a few minutes a day is all it takes to drop those stubborn pounds and tone and trim your body. Fit Yummy Mummy requires just 90 minutes a week to help you achieve your weight loss goals. Those 90 minutes can be broken down into three 30-minute sessions or six 15-minute sessions every week.

It is tough for moms to make time for themselves. Those precious minutes of pampering always seem to be done at the sacrifice of the rest of your family. However, few moms can argue with taking just 90 minutes a week for themselves – especially when they see the types of results they can enjoy for their efforts. In addition to weight gain, many moms experience increased energy and an improved self esteem.

Are you ready to become a Fit Yummy Mummy? Check out this free report for all the information you need to decide if this weight loss program is right for you:

Click Here To Download Your Free Baby Fat No More Report

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Instant Money Code…Do Not Share

The Instant Money Code is LIVE and is already flying off the shelves like

It’s pretty simple to understand why… It teaches you the
EXACT methods Chad Michaels uses to hit $16K PLUS a month, EVERY month.


Be sure to watch the video PROOF of how Chad Michaels, went from working on an OIL RIG…
(I know.. right?!) To making 16 thousand dollars every month without fail.

This is not some re-hashed, B.S Information that every single wanna-be guru is selling
these days.

Consumers are getting smarter. Those fake gurus are packing up shop, and the cream
of the crop is rising to the top.

With The Instant Money code, Chad is giving you THE SAME exact formula he uses
every day, day in and day out to generate on AVERAGE $4256 EVERY WEEK.

The proof is in the video, you have to see it.


For the first time in the history of internet marketing, you are going to get a first hand
intimate look at a REAL guru and his story. (a REAL rags-to Riches story, no B.S.)

The Instant Money Code is going to fill in every gap you can think of when it comes to making
cold hard cash online.

I got an exclusive sneak peek at this offer about 2 days ago…

I told Chad he was out of his FLIPPIN MIND for offering it for PENNIES.

The value here is just mind bending. He really is giving the CODE away for
damn near peanuts… It’s going to change the way the internet marketing game is played.

But hurry, the Introductory price is getting jacked up shortly. (he told me within a week)


The Instant Money Code breaks down every strategy this guy
(Chad Michaels) uses to DOMINATE clickbank, DOMINATE bills, EXTINGUISH any want, or
need he could POSSIBLY have.

They’re sharing it with the world to copy and profit from.

There are no theories here. This IS the CODE you have been looking for.

EVEN *I* learned some good stuff from this that im currently developing.

I’ll be sure to let you know how it goes for ME.. But for now, its YOUR TURN.


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Miracle Traffic Bot Product Review

Miracle Traffic Bot is a one click SEO and traffic automation software created by Internet Marketer Paul Ponna and his team.

The software submits your videos, articles and websites to dozens of article directories, social bookmarketing sites, and video submission sites.With the unique combination of simplicity of use and speed of submission, the software makes getting top rankings on search engines a breeze.

In addition, Miracle Traffic Bot is completely white-hat. This allows the software to perform very fast in the background and get you long-term results that last.Plus, the software suite also comes with complete step by step video training on not only how to use the software but also trains you on how to get traffic and make money using the software.

The benefits of the software are three fold:

1) The software gets you top 30 or more rankings on top search engines such as Google, Yahoo, Bing and others search engines.

2) The software also gets your website, blog or affiliate page hundreds of quality backlinks that not only increases your Google PageRank but also catapults your website to rank high for most keywords of your choice.

3) Miracle Traffic Bot also allows you to spread your message because the platforms and sites that the software integrates with syndicate their content to several hundreds of other websites.

This ripple effect ensures that one simple article, video or URL for bookmarking of your sites will turn into hundreds of one-way backlinks and thousands of visitors to your website, blog or affiliate page.Hence, you do not even need your own website or product to get the most out of the software as once you get the traffic, everything else becomes easy.

Miracle Traffic Bot is a powerful software suite and what’s better is that it is the only software of its kind that sells for a low one-time fee which makes it a must for every online marketer to have it in their marketing efforts.

Miracle Traffic Bot goes live on Monday, March 29th, 2010.


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Ready To Master Twitter And Never Worry Again?

If you’re a keen internet marketer, you’ve probably wondered about how Twitter could revolutionise your business. You’ve been right to wonder. With Twitter quickly becoming one of the most valuable and highly important communications and marketing platforms on the internet, the potential for massive marketing success and highly lucrative online income building are endless. With the right Twitter strategy, you could master the service, 140 characters at a time.

Click Here To Download Your Free Turnkey Twitter Report

Ever wanted to build a Twitter empire? It’s not as hard as you may think. Once you reduce the habits of the most successful and influential Twitter marketers down to their core steps, it’s possible to create a system that allows you to wield massive influence online, and in turn sell huge amounts of affiliate products and master the online world. If you’re an experienced internet marketer, you can find more value in Twitter than any casual user likely would. With the websites massive potential to sell and market products, a Twitter account is a real essential for maximum marketing success.

So, how do you start this empire? Well, every journey has to start with a single step. The problem is, it’s all too easy for that first step to be in the wrong direction. With all the hype surrounding Twitter, a massive realm has been created, full of poor advice, misguided metrics, and opportunistic people trying their best to sell you influence online. The simple truth is that influence can’t be bought, it must be earned. However, there are numerous method by which you can take shortcuts towards that online influence.

This free report, compiled by using advice and information gathered from some of the world’s most influential and successful twitterers, teaches you all that you need to know about the powerful new online service, and is filled to the brim with hugely powerful and important information. Don’t let yourself enter Twitter in the dark, instead guide yourself with the light of some of the most successful Twitter marketers.

Your success on Twitter opens up so many doors it’s unbelievable. Whether you’re a marketer, entrepreneur, or just someone looking to extend their audience online, you’ll find some highly valuable information in this report. With Twitter fast becoming one of the most popular and culturally important websites around, it’s fundamentally important to master the service, and maximise your online income through it.

Click Here To Download Your Free Turnkey Twitter Report

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build name recognition with a traffic exchange

5 Ways That Traffic Exchanges Can Benefit Your Online Business

Traffic exchanges are great way to build your business. Below are 5 of the many ways that traffic exchanges build your business.

  • Advertising Proving Ground! In order to build your business, you need to know what kind of advertising works best. Traffic exchanges provide a low cost way to try several different types of advertising to see what will build your business the best. A testing ground for your ads!

  • Traffic, Traffic, Traffic! Traffic exchanges will drive customers to your site. You will get visitors to your site that you might have otherwise missed! We all realize that you can’t build a business if no one knows you are there!
  • Low Cost Advertising! The price of advertising is one of the major stumbling blocks in building your business. Traffic exchanges are known for their low cost approach to driving traffic to your site.
  • Builds Name Recognition! Traffic exchanges are great ways to build name recognition with the general public. Branding is an important factor in building your business.
  • Advertising Flexibility! Traffic Exchanges can give you 3 different ways to advertise. You can have the standard splash page, banner advertising and text advertising all in one place! Different forms of advertising can build your business.

Click this link for more information on build name recognition with a traffic exchange

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Twitter is valuable to businesses because

Top 5 reasons to use Twitter

There are a lot of articles on how to use Twitter for marketing purposes and I believe most of them can be condensed to the simple goal of attracting attention to yourself or your business.

  • Building Valuable Relationships.
    Like most other social networks, Twitter has a way for you to gain valuable relationships and watch what other people are talking about. Twitter makes it easy for you connect with other people outside of your usual group. Try and attract active users you find that are talking about things that interest you. A Twitter follower can be made into a long lasting rel

  • Traffic That Cares
    Twitter can be used as a great social platform for you to interact with other like-minded individules, especially those with the same interests in things you care about. It can be used to establish a solid ground for future benefits such as testimonials or recommendations for your products or services.

  • Staying Current
    Twitter can be a source of scoops and alternative news on things that intreat you. You can subscribe to other peoples Twitter feeds for specific websites or events. This allows you to receive and view updates quickly. This can very useful if you are trying to stay updated on very active social news.

  • Connecting with Local Customers
    Twitter can be used to notify customers when you have new products to showcase. Customers can subscribe via their mobile device or RSS platform for instant notification. Twitter can also be used to provide quick updates for a single client.

  • Twitter Is Free
    Twitter can be used to get free traffic to your websites or the sites of you friends or clients. If you ask your friends to tweet about your site, the message will spread faster and further as other users in their circles pick it up. There is a viral nature to twitter and you might as well use it to your advantage.

Click this link for more information on gaining customers from Twitter

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Want to Extend Your Twitter Influence

Twitter is one of the most powerful and important online tools for marketers, and it’s being thoroughly misused by far too many of them. While this might sound like a death blow for a budding marketer, it’s in fact the opposite. When you can master Twitter and create a widely spread online influence, it’s no trouble to market your product effectively and produce massive returns for your online affiliate marketing business. Just a few changes to your Twitter campaign could massively change its success and audience size.

Have you spend hour after hour trying to extend your influence on Twitter? It’s something that every marketer wants to master. With the rewards for true Twitter success so high, it’s no surprise that many people want to master the platform. However, all to many marketers either give up too early after they realise the amount of work that’s often involved, or go about things in entirely the wrong manner right from the beginning.

This doesn’t have to be you. It really is possibly to master Twitter through the use of some highly innovative and powerful services, it just requires a small amount of upfront work and a lot of strategic knowledge. Whether you’re a newbie marketer or a highly experienced web guru, you’ll no doubt find yourself learning something new about Twitter once you’ve read this highly valuable and important free report. Outlining all of the important strategies for massive Twitter success, this report contains a wealth of information for internet marketers and keen entrepreneurs that are looking to master the latest online services.

Click Here To Download Your Free Turnkey Twitter Report

Think that Twitter isn’t all that important. Think again. In just three years, Twitter has gone from a no-name online communications tool into one of the internets most celebrated and valuable networking platforms. Not knowing this terrain could mean not mastering the most valuable audience for your internet business, and missing out on some massively lucrative income. Don’t leave Twitter to chance, instead invest your time in the tools that could help you build a Twitter empire. This free report is packed to the gills with valuable Twitter information, and you’re just one step away from learning all about it.

So, what are you waiting for? Don’t leave your Twitter success to someone else, instead learn the terrain and master the service.

Click Here To Download Your Free Turnkey Twitter Report

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My First Teleseminar Will Replace Your Day Job in Record Time!

My First Teleseminar is a system that teaches you step by step how to promote a teleseminar and the corresponding products effectively. It teaches you how to host a teleseminar even if you have not had experience with public speaking before, and it shows you how to effectively follow up with your lists of clients who are interested in that niche so that you can repeatedly make money in the following months as you promote related products of which you make affiliate income when they purchase it.

In addition to these tips and step by step set up methods, My First Teleseminar also gives you templates that you can use to get your squeeze pages, landing pages, headers and more set up for the first time, even if you are not technical and may not know what these terms mean at the moment. The teacher offering the eight week training schedule in My First Teleseminar did not know any of these things himself until his mentor taught the system to him step by step. In fact, he calls himself a meathead and says that if he could learn how to do it, anyone can.

Finding Financial Freedom

Through the use of videos, Kyle will teach you how to implement the various stages of My First Teleseminar. He will also give you screen shots that will help you see what to do to set up the various aspects of the system so that there is not any confusion. There are many other systems that will give you the information but will not show you the product itself, the campaigns and how they are supposed to look and work when they are set up correctly.

The teaching will also give you audio coaching methods that will allow you to listen to the teaching while you are out and about, repeating the lessons until they are ingrained in you through the use of MP3 or IPOD downloads. There are also lists and transcripts that you can use in PDF format so that you can have step by step written instructions about the different aspects taught in the My First Teleseminar lessons. Finally, Kyle will also give you HTML pages that you can copy and paste to use to promote your seminars in the exact same ways that Kyle and his mentor did to make thousands on each campaign.

During the eight weeks of lessons plus the ninth bonus week, you will learn how to execute a teleseminar call even if you have not had any speaking experience in the past. You will also learn how to effectively get people to attend the call and how to follow up with them offering related products that they might want to buy and building up your lists even further than ever before. Kyle is so confident that you will see the benefit of the My First Teleseminar system that he is willing to give the first week’s lesson for free, and give you your money back in a full refund at any time during the eight week sessions if you are not satisfied.

Discover how you can start your first teleseminar! Check out the free Teleseminar Guide. Feel free to distribute this article in any form as long as you include this resource box. You can also include your affiliate link if you sign up at Clickbank Pirate.

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